processing of used lightweight packagings

waste delivery of a processing plant for used lightweight pacckagings
  separator for automatical sorting of waste components at the belt tripper
  near view of the separation procedure at the belt tripper

sampling for quality control of a separated valuable fraction 

automatic sampling equipment before the processed material is baled
hand sampling from a processed valuable fraction of lightweight packagings during the bunker is discharged  
hand sampling from a processed valuable fraction of lightweight packagings during the bunker is discharged

Data analysis, development of sampling models and rules for specific applications

  • theory and methods of sampling, development of sampling models
  • for any concrete object: calculation of a sampling plan that contains instructions regarding sample size (mass or volume), number of samples, allocation and arrangement of the samples, handling such as pretreatment and preparation for instrumental measurement, evaluation of data obtained,risk assessment, decision rules for input and output controlling of industrial production
  • development and testing of equipments, devices and methods for sampling and sample splitting
  • characterization of mixtures and particle systems
  • image analysis of granular mixtures, powder and porous materials
  • evaluation of dangerous waste dumped over the years as well as contaminated sites using geostatistic modeling
  • statistical evaluation of raw material, waste and recycling products, quality control cards
  • risk assessment for different situations caused by the respective quality problem
  • development of decision strategies regarding acceptance or rejection of products in dependence on the actual results of sampling and instrumental measuring
  • microbiological remediation of mineral-oil-contaminated soils and their redevelopment
  • supervision of temperature in waste heaps and waste dumps endangered by spontaneous combustion, prognosis of temperature trends in dependence on time, season, wether on other influence
  • statistical evaluation of measuring uncertainties caused by the disposal of municipal solid waste
The IQS Freiberg has acquired an extensive documentation of investigations, their publication and presentation as well as data sets, tables, computations, diagrams and photos for all the problems mentioned above.

instrumental analysis of single articles from plastics for everyday use of a processed fraction

plastic articles identified by the NIR spectrum as PE (Polyethylen) 
Kusta-PE-Kurve.jpg  NIR (Near InfraRed) spectrum of PE (Polyethylen)
Characteristic diagram of DSC analysis for PE-HD (high-density polyethylen), DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Data analysis for material evaluation

  • powder, bulks, sludges, ceramic masses, sediments of lakes and rivers
  • refuse derived fuel (called, too: 'alternative solid fuel recovered from used lightweight packagings´, ´specified recovered fuel´, SRF), recycled lightweight packagings
  • metals scrap, metalcontaining waste, electronics scrap, cabel scrap
  • broken glass, recycling glass
  • dangerous waste accumulated over the years, contaminated soils and unsuspected soils (such as mineral oil or mercury and its volatile organic compounds)
  • inflammable waste endangered by spontaneous combustion - such as plastics and paper -which were disposed and dumped
  • municipal solid waste that is removed from households to waste utilization plants
  • scrap wood, recycling products, waste
  • rubber
  • foam, porous materials in catalytic converters, filter
  • sand, gravel

and other material systems.

an example: quality control cards for supervision of the process of sorting lightweight packagings on example of the valuable fraction "Polypropylen (PP)"



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