Institute for quality assurance of material systems Freiberg (IQS Freiberg e.V.)
Your partner in questions of

  • sampling, investigation and evaluation of lump and grained bulk solids (raw materials, recycling products, grain and seed), of powders, ashes and slags, pastes and slurries, occuring or being delivered in heaps, material streams, trucks, containers or packagings (bales, packets, bags). In addition, regulations to investigate and evaluate liquids stored in tanks or barrels such as fuel oil, paints or varnishes are proved.  
  • statistical evaluation of work routines in production processes
  • statistical quality control of input and output materials in production processes
  • development of sampling regulations for mineral processing plants, waste sorting equipments, smelting works, parting factories and other enterprises of the industry, which process raw materials or recycled commodities 
  • development of methods and techniqual equipments for the splitting of fibrous waste materials such as alternative solid fuels from recycled lightweight packagings (plastics, paper/ cardboard), from waste of used and comminuted carpets, from shreddered wood and others
  • statistical quality assurance and risk assessment in production processes under consideration of certain prescribed quality levels and of the given data set that is used for quality estimation
  • Investigation and evaluation of contaminated sites and dangerous waste from the past
  • development of techniques in order to supervise the temperature in waste heaps and waste dumps endangered by spontaneous combustion over the course of days and months; suggestion of  prediction szenario of the temperature tendency 
  • sampling survey in order to detect statistical laws of multivariate data sets, such as
    • construction of so-called qualified rent levels describing the usually paid rent of flats  in dependence on the quality of housing. By survey of tenants as well as lessors, the data basis needed for the computation of the rent level is obtained by the use of a questionaire, that is drafted in common by an authorized working group and handed over to both tenants and lessors. The  computations are based on multivariate statistical models using  the data sets obtained by the questioning. The results of computation are transposed into a rent level table. For further informations we refer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • statistical evaluation of data records and archived informations
    • investigation of market acceptance of products, market analyses, customer   analyses and other

The institute was founded in July 1996. It has gained valuable experience in a broad field of solid material systems from fine powders over grained raw materials to lump recycling commodities such as lightweight packagings from plastics and paper/ cardboard, cabel scrap, electronics scrap, broken glass, rubber and others. The IQS has been successfully active by an officially / judicially ordered and sworn expert in sampling and quality assurance of material systems. 

We cooperate with industry and commerce as well as with authorities. Principally, we concentrate on the development and application of certain rules in sampling and investigation in order to obtain reliable data strictly according to the approach of the definite problem. Then, the evaluation of these data is carried out on the basis of statistical models.. If you are interested in concrete cooperation, please, contact us.

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